Research Collaboration 


Areas of Interest for Collaborative Research and PhD Supervision


  • EU FP 7 (security theme): Developing Societal resilience (SEC 2013 4.1-5, 4.1-3, 4.3-1).
  • EU FP7 (Environment theme): Protecting citizens from environmental hazards.
  • Relevant EU Horizon 2020 schemes in areas such as developing societal resilience, environmental hazards etc..
  • Post flood and other disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation.
  • Flood adaptation and resilience.
  • Cost benefit analysis of flood adaptation.
  • Small businesses and resilience of cities and small townships.
  • Process and risk management due to flooding and other weather extremes.
  • Exploring knowledge factors and knowledge bases in flood reinstatement adaptation.
  • Stakeholder engagement in flood adaptation and mitigation.
  • Adapting infrastructure and existing built assets against flooding and other extreme weather events.
  • Stakeholder engagement and river basin management.



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